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Organic farming, philosophy and commitment

Our business vision combines tradition with the use of the latest technologies

  For us at EL CORTIJO BIO, organic farming is a way of life that is based upon the unique understanding that is needed between people and their natural and social environments. Our efforts are focused on meeting the current needs of future generations.

  We use an agricultural system that preserves soil fertility through hte use of natural resources, without the use of chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ensuring healthy organic products. This is also how we ensure agricultural and economic sustainability in our rural areas.

  Our aim is to promote sustainable and equitable rural development for all those involved in the chain of supply through organic farming, by a fair distribution of the fruits of our labours, by connecting/reconciling the consumer with the farmer and by offering products with the highest food security guarantees.

Ethics and social commitment

  At EL CORTIJO BIO we understand that ethics, the environment and the market must go hand in hand to achieve the sustainable development of rural areas.

  Our company is the largest economic engine in our local area, employing about 30 permanent staff as well as 200 temporary workers, mainly women from nearby towns, during the harvesting season.


El Cortijo Bio S.L. Ctra. Medina-Benalup km 5,5 San José de Malcocinado 11179 Medina Sidonia (Cádiz) España Tel: 34 956 417 188 Fax: 34 956 417 033 elcortijobio@elcortijobio.com