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We are the first company in Spain to launch a production line specifically for sweet potatoes

  EL CORTIJO BIO is committed to a constant pursuit of excellence in our production process. We have production facilities totaling about 5.000 m2, equipped with modern installations, refrigeration systems and product-specific lines.

  We have developed our own management control systems of the various stages of production, storage and distribution in order to ensure the quality of our organic vegetables.

  EL CORTIJO BIO believes in developing the potential of every individual in the company enabling every member of the team to focus his abilities on customer's service. Our team is fully engaged in all process in the chain, taking care of the organic integrity of our products at all times and monitoring traceability from the farm to the consumer. With this same professionalism we listen to our customers in order to understand their needs and meet demands with the utmost flexibility.

  We are also the first company in Spain to launch a specific production line for processing sweet potatoes, a clear sign of EL CORTIJO BIO'S commitment to innovation and sustainability.


El Cortijo Bio S.L. Ctra. Medina-Benalup km 5,5 San José de Malcocinado 11179 Medina Sidonia (Cádiz) España Tel: 34 956 417 188 Fax: 34 956 417 033 elcortijobio@elcortijobio.com