Process in the Field

Organic Education

A Sustainable Process, an Organic Product.


CORTIJO BIO use an agricultural system that preserves soil fertility through hte use of natural resources, without the use of chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ensuring healthy organic products.

One of the main examples is the cultivation of leguminous plants, used as green fertilizers which provide our fields with enough nitrogen (instead of using synthetic nitrogen) without losses in the production of our vegetables.


Using this technique CORTIJO BIO alternates different crops in the same area or plot throughout the campaigns, so a few years go before the same crop is planted once again in the same field.

This technique allows us to save an excessive expense in fertilizer to maintain soil fertility and the use of treatments to prevent the appearance of pests.


In CORTIJO BIO we use sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation in our crops, trying to minimize the water consumption as much as possible, with an efficient use of this precious resource.

We use various techniques that contribute to this important saving, encouraging by this way the sustainability of the environment and natural resources.


Our efforts are focused on meeting the current needs of future generations. This is also how we ensure agricultural and economic sustainability in our rural areas. We do want the Organic Agriculture to help an equitable development.

We are also the first company in Spain to launch a specific production line for processing sweet potatoes, a clear sign of EL CORTIJO BIO'S commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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